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Mithril Awards 2004: Voting now open

The list of semi-finalists in the Mithril Awards for Tolkien Fanfiction 2004 is now available on the awards site. Congratulations to all those who made the lists, commiserations to all those who didn't -- competition was fierce in many categories.

Voting is now open in the Voters' Choice categories. Visit the online voting form at the awards site to vote for your choices from all the stories, poems & research articles that have reached the semi-final stage.

This year, there are seven categories for voters, selected by the public:

Best Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Best Silmarillion
Best Character Piece
Best Humour
Best Drama/Action Adventure
Best Romance/Erotica -- Het
Best Romance/Erotica -- Slash

Voting will remain open until Sunday 27 June 2004.

Eledhwen, Janet Elizabeth, Khazar & Tavia
The Awards Committee

The Mithril Awards are independent of any fiction archive, list or online community, although we welcome affiliation with other Tolkien sites to promote the awards.

LJ: mithrilawards
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