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Hello, all. As the "Princess of Publishing/Arch-duchess of Advertising/Marchioness of Marketing", I'm here on behalf of my fellow members of The Burping Troll collaborative writing group to promote our newest tale, Adamant.

Title: Adamant
Author: Sevilodorf, erinrua*, and Celebsul
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: n/a (this is not a "pairing" sort of tale)
Warning: only some mild violence
Disclaimer: Middle Earth and everything in it belongs to Tolkien. We of The Burping Troll are merely playing in the professor's sandbox.
Summary: The final part of the 'Precious Stones' trilogy, following 'Bloodstone' and 'Obsidian'**. Nik, the small uruk-hai befriended by Russbeorn, has sworn to do what no orc has done before: stand and testify to his innocence of murder after killing a man in defense of human life. But will Nik's truth overcome the lies of unscrupulous men? (Can be read as a stand-alone story.)
Author's Notes: The above summary was written by erinrua.
Feedback: Feedback is like manna to the muses. It would be wonderful if you could leave feedback in our guestbook.
Genre: Drama / Adventure
Fandom: Canon story set after the War of of the Ring. (All of the BT stories are set after the War of the Ring, actually.)

*erinrua was the winner of the TORN ORC award for "Best Fanfiction" this past January for her story The Last Grey Ship, which is also housed at the BT site.

**Obsidian was a semi-finalist in the 2004 Mithril awards.

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P.S. The Middle-Earth FanFiction Awards are approaching. Do be sure to check out the tales and to vote when the time comes!
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