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Mithril Awards: Update

Just a reminder that nominations for the 2004 round of the Mithril Awards for Tolkien Fanfiction will close in 10 days' time, on Sunday 9 May 2004.

We've had a great response so far, with over 550 different works nominated, but there's plenty of room for more! To join in, visit our website and nominate your own choices of fanfiction, poetry & research articles for this year's awards. Entries may be based on any of JRR Tolkien's works, but they must be complete, and must have been first published between 1 April 2003 and 1 April 2004. (If you can't determine a date, don't worry -- we will be asking authors to confirm the publication date.)

Eledhwen, Janet Elizabeth, Khazar & Tavia -- The Awards Committee

The Mithril Awards are independent of any fiction archive, list or online community, although we welcome affiliation with other Tolkien sites to promote the awards.

LJ: mithrilawards
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