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(I haven't read past the first chapter yet, but so far so good -- it's got Elboron too, how can it go wrong? :)

In Darkness Buried Deep by Calanare Sairavanië
AU/Angst -- Rated R, for sexual themes, violence and slash

Summary: When the queen of Gondor dies in childbirth, Eldarion is left as the only heir to the throne. What if he fails to live up to expectations? A dark AU about the responsibilities of heritage, and the impossible task of replacing the Great King.

Excerpt: And so he was born out of a grand love story, the last union between Men and Elves. The legendary tale that would be told over the ages, of a hero who became king and an Elven princess who died for love.
The heir of Gondor.
The son of stars.
He hated it.
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